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Please use my materials and pass them along to others for educational and animal welfare purposes! I ask that you attribute when you use the materials, and that you do not use portions of the materials or remove information from the materials.
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Claudia Fugazza - Social Learning In Dogs

Yksityiset muistiinpanoni seminaarista (sisältää tavallista enemmän kirjoitusvirheitä)


Dog, that counts

How to teach counting for a dog (and yes there is a chicken on this image).

Hevonen positiivisesti.001.jpeg

Horse positively, luentomateriaali

Horse handling and training positively (R+). It's possible and worth to try!


Agility - Running Contacts, luentomateriaali

Why it's so hard? Cognition psychological approach for a common problem in agility. 


Pro Perro Chicken Camp I-III, luentomateriaali

  • Chicken Camp I, Animal training techniques and discrimination
  • Chicken Camp II, Stimulus control
  • Chicken Camp III, Criterial